1.4.8 – New Testimonial Block

Our new Testimonial block is packed with powerful features. Choose between a grid or carousel, then fully customize your style. Available in Kadence Blocks 1.4.8. Features: Grid or carousel display Four pre-built styles Column control Color control Font control Size […]

1.4.6 – New Icon List Block

We’ve added a new block! You can now add styled lists to your page. Choose from over 1500+ SVG icons to add to your list and style the list using custom colors, fonts, and┬ásizes. Available in Kadence Blocks 1.4.6. Features: […]

1.4.0 – Column Resizing Options +

Column Resizing Options In Kadence Blocks 1.4.0 you can easily re-size your three column layouts. You also have the option to resize your columns on a grid of every 5% or fluidly. Preset Styles for Info Box Block 1.4.0 also […]

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