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Tabs Block

The tabs block gives you an extremely versatile option for adding tabs to your Gutenberg layouts. The block allows you...
  • 343

Advanced Icon Block

The Advanced Icon Block allows you to configure icons in a myriad of ways.  Setting up the icon block is...
  • 287

Advanced Button Block

The Advanced Button block allows you to configure unique buttons with many options. You can have a singular button or...
  • 279

Advanced Heading Block

Get started using the Advanced Heading Block by first selecting it from your block list: Once you’ve selected the Advanced...
  • 301

Row Layout Block

The Row Layout Block greatly improves the column functionality within the new blocks editor. With the Row Layout Block, you’ll...
  • 382

Spacer/Divider Block

The spacer block allows you to set advanced spacing between your other blocks. The spacing block can be configured quick...
  • 261

Info Box Block

The Info Box block is a flexible way to display text and media content on your pages and posts within...
  • 347

Icon List Block

The Icon List Block allows simple configuration of an Icon List within any block editor powered area of your site....
  • 253

Testimonial Block

The testimonial block allows you to configure super customizable testimonials for your site. Add customer feedback and client praise to...
  • 209

Form Block

The Form block allows you to not only create custom forms, but style them however you want! With the Form...
  • 95
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