1.2.8 – New Accordion Block + Presets for Tabs Block

Accordion Block

Kadence Blocks 1.2.8 introduces the Accordion Block. Each pane is able to contain any other block, customize title styles, content background and borders.


  • Option for panes to close when another opens
  • Option to start with all panes collapsed
  • Pane title, background, and border color control
  • Icon style control for pane title trigger
  • Pane title padding and spacing control
  • Pane title border width and radius control
  • Pane title font style control
  • Inner content padding control
  • Inner content background and border color control
  • Title tag settings
  • Content height and width control
  • Pane title optional icon settings
  • Option to add any block within each pane

Presets for Tabs Block

We’ve added preset styles to the tabs block, making is easier for you to get started with your dream layout.

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